An Action Scene from the novel

Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer

I had just found my sister and we were about to escape
when ...

Zagan's fist hit me on the side of the head like the clang of a giant bell. My ears
rang; my head went numb; I saw blackness and felt myself bounce and slide across the
cave floor, gravel and rock chips grinding into my arms until I hit the wall. I pushed
myself up on scraped and bloody arms. My head throbbed. Kathy was screaming, "No!
No! No!" It sounded like it came from far away down a tunnel. I blinked and squinted.
My eyes wouldn't work. Zagan's fuzzy outline reached behind the stalagmite where Kathy
was hiding.

Rage started in my stomach and coursed through my body like an explosion. My
vision cleared and I was aware of every sound, every shade of color, every movement. I
jumped up, pointed my finger at Zagan and yelled, "STOP!!" He turned with a smirk that
showed jagged teeth as deadly glee spread across his face.