A Tween Fantasy Novel by Charles Markee

Otherworld demon book cover
Winner! 2011 BAIPA* Book Award

Otherworld Tales:
Irish the Demon Slayer
is an action-adventure-fantasy about 12-year-old Pete (Irish) Kehoe who thinks he’s an ordinary kid—until trees start talking to him and an old woman tells him he’s chosen to defend the mystical Otherworld against the King of Demons.

“No way!” He says, until a demon kidnaps his kid sister, Kathy. Then Irish and his two friends, Streak and Huff, time-hop to the besieged world to rescue her.

warrior boy image

Irish then leads his
friends on a daring
quest to find Kathy
in the Otherworld,
a magical land of
Celtic mythology.

But . . . are they ready to face
a shape-shifter, the death fog,
demon warriors, killer earthquakes
and vicious flesh-eating wulgoars
to get her?

Even with the help of the
Irish warrior-hero

caricature of Cuchulain

Or their friends,
the talking trees?

Read Irish's fight scene with the deadly demon, Zagan.

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