Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer

Winner - BAIPA 2011 Book Award - junior fiction

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Winner - second place at the 2010 San Mateo Fair Fantasy contest

Review by Jackie Baldwin, Author-Multimedia Producer-Teacher-Editor
  Irish the Demon Slayer is exciting...fast-paced... a breathtaking thrill ride 
through ancient Ireland. Irish and his two friends travel across time and space to 
save his kidnapped sister in a mystical world where monstrous evil demons and their 
fiendish leader threaten the earth itself. Pushed to their physical and psychological 
limits, the boys struggle valiantly against demonic, life-threatening obstacles. 
The story holds you spellbound as the pages whiz by... Markee is a master at 
creating heart-stopping action scenes with characters you really care about. 
A must-read!
Review by Rachel Rodriguez, Author-Teacher
  Irish the Demon Slayer delivers a gripping tale kids will love. A trio of boys are 
enjoying summer vacation at their families' cabins when eerie, spine-tingling events 
suddenly turn their country stay into a high adventure they never could have imagined. 
Markee's humorous, pitch-perfect voice is wonderful, the accessible Irish mythology 
full of allies, enemies and surprises. Irish the Demon Slayer is imaginative and fully 
realized. A terrific first novel!
Review by Jean Hegland, Author-College Instructor
  Irish the Demon Slayer makes Celtic mythology come alive for a new generation as 
three contemporary Californian boys join forces with ancient Celtic heroes to try 
to rescue Irish Kehoe’s little sister from the demons of the Underworld.  Kids will 
revel in the non-stop action and gross detail of this rollicking story, while older 
readers will appreciate the authenticity of both the legends and the values that 
shape the adventures of Irish and his friends.  Irish the Demon Slayer is a 
grand and engrossing tale, and I recommend it very highly.
Review by Isaac Cochran, student, Sacramento, California, age 11.
"Irish the Demon Slayer is awesome! It's my favorite book so far."
Review by Griffin Hill, student, Glen Ellen, California, age 14."
"Irish the Demon Slayer is a gripping page turner that grabs you from the beginning 
and pushes you closer to the edge of your seat with every chapter." 
Review by Isaac Beckman, student, Petaluma, California, age 15.
Irish the Demon Slayer is brilliant. A rare change in fantasy that made me lose 
myself in the story. Definitely worth reading.