A Tween Fantasy Novel by Charles Markee

Book 2 cover

Otherworld Tales:
Demon Invasion
begins with voices from
nowhere, an impossible accident and mysterious
footprints in the snow that disrupt a
snowboarding trip and send Irish and Streak in
search of their missing friend, Huff. The friends
find an otherworld Kingdom inside Mt. Shasta
where they learn that Abaddon, the King of
Demons, plans to invade Earth.

Irish's cousin, Frost, a girl he despises, joins the
search. With the help of the strange Lemurians
and Yaktavian dwarfs who live inside Mt. Shasta,
they search for Huff only to learn that Abaddon
with the help of a powerful shape-shifter demon,
Belial, the Prince of Thieves, is about to invade
our Green World.

Can Irish, Streak and Frost find Huff?

Why was he kidnapped?

Can they stop Abaddon's invasion by thousands
of vicious flesh-eating wulgoars?

What is the Zungode and why did Abaddon steal
it from the Lemurians?

Can Irish resist the demon’s temptations and use
his mind-merge to save mankind?

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